Are you one of the many Australian’s who has multiple Superannuation funds?

Are you looking to consolidate all of your superannuation accounts in one easy to manage fund?

Do you have time to complete all the paperwork.

The team at Lost Super can do all this and more.

Consolidate & Compare your
Superannuation Funds Now
The Tax Office now claims inactive super account
$800 million retrieved from the ATO in the six months to 31st Dec 2014.
The average Australian has 4 super accounts
Take control of your super and your future
Consolidate your super into one account
If you have a family and a mortgage
then Life Insurance is a must have and the payments
can come out of you superannuation fund.
  • Australians have a massive $16 Billion in Lost Super.
  • One in two Australians have lost or unclaimed super.
  • Most Australians have more than 1 super account and many of us own accounts we don’t even know exist.
Why use Lost Super
to find & Consolidate your
  • Save multiple fees by having one account
  • We do all the hard work &
    paperwork for you
  • Very little paperwork required
Life Insurance

We can compare quotes from all the major Life insurance agencies. Your Life insurance policy can be setup so the premiums are paid directly from you superannuation fund and not affect cashflow.


What is Superannuation

Superannuation, also known as “Super” is a government scheme that enforces all workers in Australia to save a portion of their salary for when they retire.  If you are between the ages of 18 – 70, employed and earn at least $450 per month, your employer is legally required to make regular superannuation contributions on your behalf equal to 9.5% of your ordinary earnings.


Superannuation contributions must be paid by your employer every 3 months and are an additional payment paid on top of your usual wages.  Super contributions benefit from a lower tax rate than your weekly wages.

Superannuation why we need it

Superannuation is an important, long term investment as it enables you to live more comfortably upon retirement. As saving enough money to happily retire on takes a lot of time and dedication, the government’s compulsory superannuation scheme helps you save adequate funds in the lead up to your retirement.

Life Insurance & Superannuation

Taking out life insurance through your superannuation fund is often very cost effective. Many people do not have enough cash flow to fund life insurance. For this reason, purchasing life insurance through your super is a way of covering yourself without drawing from your wages. Payments are taken directly from your superannuation fund.  Purchasing Life insurance through your super fund is usually cheaper and attracts a lower tax rate than your earnings.

Consolidating your Superannuation funds

Consolidating your superannuation funds has a number of benefits. These include reduced fees and less paperwork as you are only dealing with one fund manager. Simplifying your superannuation into one fund will also help you to find a fund that suits your needs and long term goals.

What we can do for you

Lost Super helps you locate your lost, active and inactive superannuation accounts. Did you know the average Australian can have as many as 4 Superannuation accounts? That’s a lot of lost savings and unnecessary fees to pay. As well as helping you locate your lost Super and rolling into one super account, we can provide qualified and specialist advice on which Super fund to select. Independently owned and operated, we provide unbiased advice to ensure you enjoy your retirement years.


Lost Super also provides a review service, whereby our expert consultants evaluate the setup of your current fund to determine whether it meets your current needs. If a change in fund or setup is financially advantageous, our consultants can compare funds and find the right one for you. Did you know that our qualified consultants can also assist you to set up a life insurance policy? Life insurance provides your family with financial protection, should you unexpectedly pass.