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* Before consolidating your super, please consider any exit fees charged by your other funds and any effect on your insurances.

What you need
to know about your super


Australians have over $14 billion dollars in Lost, Inactive or Unclaimed Super.


The average Australian has 4 to 5 jobs in a lifetime, that’s potentially 4 to 5 different superannuation accounts.


The more super funds you have, the more sets of fees you pay. Paying additional fees can decrease your super balance*.


If you have more than one super fund, there is a chance you will also have more then one insurance policy. This could also be eating away at your super balance*.

Have you ever?

If you can answer yes to any of the following points, then mobiSuper can help you find any lost, inactive and unclaimed superannuation monies.


Have you worked in more than one industry?

If you answered yes, then perhaps you have lost or inactive super in industry-specific funds.


Have you changed your name?

If you have changed you name from your maiden name to your married name, then mobiSuper can help your relocate all your super funds.


Have you changed addresses over the years?

If so, you may have lost correspondence from any number of super funds over the years.

Who are we ?

We’re Transforming the Superannuation Industry

mobiSuper is leading the new generation of Australian super funds. At mobiSuper, our goal is to create a better superannuation experience for every Australian. Your super is your future, so it’s time to take control and build the retirement nest-egg you deserve.


Find & Combine

Your lost, active and inactive super funds into a single fund. Stop paying unnecessary fees.


Supercharge your Super

Personal Advice + Technology + Innovation + Education + Rewards… that’s mobiSuper.


Stay Connected

Manage your fund from the app, mobile site or speak to your personal account manager.



Did your employer pay your super last month?
Most people wouldn’t have a clue, so you’re not alone. Our super smart technology will monitor this, plus more. Your account manager will give you a call if it hasn’t been paid.


You’ll enjoy discounts, savings and special offers at a host of major and specialist stores including HOYTS, Coles, Woolworths, Caltex, David Jones and many, many more!


Let’s support together a clean, green planet for today & tomorrow. Just like you, we want to help create a better planet for our children and grandchildren. That’s why we developed mobiSuper Green. A super fund to help do just that!

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Option 1

We can open a new super fund with mobiSuper, instantly find all your lost active and inactive super and then consolidate them into your new mobiSuper fund.

Option 2

We can do a full search for all your lost active and inactive super. This will take up to 28 days, we will then contact you with the results of the search and we can either consolidate them into a mobiSuper fund or give you the results for free.



We’re here to answer your questions, discuss your super needs, develop partnerships, and provide career opportunities to Australians who share our vision for a better superannuation experience.

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